qPCR 2009 Event

4th international qPCR Symposium 
&  Industrial Exhibition  &  Application Workshop

9 - 13th March 2009,  in  Freising-Weihenstephan,

Technical University of Munich,  Physiology-Weihenstephan,  Germany

Freising, 30th April 2009
Dear colleagues,
dear researchers,

dear company representatives,

On behalf of the Organisation Committee and the Scientific Board it is a great pleasure to invite you to the 4th International qPCR Symposium & Industrial Exhibition & Application Workshop  to be held at the Center of Life Science in Freising Weihenstephan, Technische Universität München (Germany). The great international interest in the previous meetings [ qPCR 2004 qPCR 2005 and qPCR 2007 ] with up to 500 participants coming from 56 countries, and 35 international companies in the qPCR Industrial Exhibition led us to the decision to repeat the Symposium in spring 2009.

We have set the date for the qPCR 2009 Event  to 9 - 13th March 2009. The event location is the central lecture hall complex and the foyer at TUM (Technical University of Munich) in Freising Weihenstephan, Germany. The TUM and the Biotech region around Munich is part of the largest Biotech cluster in Europe, located close to the Munich airport in the heart of Bavaria.

Leading academic researchers and industrial contributors in the field will be participate in the symposium, which will be an arena for fruitful discussions between researchers of different backgrounds. The Symposium Talks, various Poster Sessions, Industrial Exhibition and associated qPCR Application Workshops offer an overview of the present knowledge and future developments in qPCR technology and its wide applications.

The symposium will focus on 86 lectures and 144 posters presented by internationally recognised experts in their field. The emphasis will be on unbiased, didactic information exchange.  Internationally renown speakers will be participating in a lively and exciting programme enabling the valuable exchange of information in the qPCR field. One third of the talks will be presented by selected invited speakers, one third will be selected from the submitted abstracts and one third will be presented by qPCR company R&D representatives. All scientific contributions will be published in the qPCR 2009 Symposium Proceedings ISBN  9783000268267.

It is a pleasure to announce the Nobel Prize Laureate Kary Mullis in an own session  “25th Anniversary of PCR”

The qPCR 2009 Event contains several parts:

1.     qPCR Symposium taking place March 9 - 11,
2.     A parallel qPCR Industrial Exhibition taking place March 9 - 11  (fully booked)

3.     Followed by four qPCR application Workshops taking place March 12 -13,
powered by the TATAA Biocenter Germany

  • Basis Module qPCR Application Workshop  (2-days)  (fully booked)
  • qPCR Biostatistics & Expression Profiling  (2-days)
  • Sample Preparation  (2-days)  (fully booked)
  • High Resoultion Melt (day 1)  &  Immuno-qPCR (day 2)  (fully booked)
Please register here =>  http://registration.qpcr2009.net/

main banner qPCR 2009

The main focus of the Event:   Diagnostics & Molecular Markers

Main topic:      Diagnostics  &  Molecular Markers             sponsored by  
Markers in diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic, markers on DNA, RNA, microRNA, protein, and metabolite level, disease markers, tissue specific markers, cancer markers, stem-cells markers, differentiation markers, methylation markers, diagnostic quantification methods, epigenetics, SNP analysis, HRM = high resolution melt applications, …..

Main topic:      Diagnostics & Molecular Markers in agricultural and veterinary Science
Diagnostics & Molecular Markers in White-, Green-, Blue-, and Brown- Biotechnology and in agricultural and veterinary Science.  Marker genes on diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic markers on on DNA, RNA, microRNA, pProtein, and metabolite level, in animals and plants, … …

"25th Anniversary of PCR”   Session held by Nobel Prize Laureate Kary Mullis   sponsored by  

Single-cell qPCR               
sponsored by   
single-cell sampling, pre-amplification techniques, laser micro dissection, sub-cellular PCR, micro-manipulation of cell clusters, cellular micro injection, FACS spotting, single cell handling, ……

RNAi - microRNA - siRNA Applications               sponsored by    

RNAi mechanism, microRNA extraction, qRT-PCR technologies to detect microRNA, siRNA applications in combination with qRT-PCR, microRNA targets and microRNA precursors, new siRNA manipulation and microRNA technologies, .....

High throughput quantitative PCR                     
sponsored by  
384 well applications, new high throughput platforms, qPCR robotics, digital PCR, SNP application, gene expression real-time RT-PCR arrays (mRNA and microRNA), quantitative multiplexing, …..

qPCR NOS Session  -  Normalization & Optimization & Standardization  
sponsored by 
new types of normalization, one vs. multiple reference genes, genomic DNA as standard, external standards, optimization of the real-time PCR, inhibition of negative effects, optimization of real-time PCR efficiency, qPCR robotics, multiplexing, establishment of DNA / RNA standards, inter-run standards, national and international studies on qPCR standardization, new quantification strategies, ........

qPCR BioStatistics & BioInformatics

software applications, data mining, calculation of relative expression, primer and probe design on mRNA and microRNA level, real-time PCR efficiency determination, mathematical modelling, Multivariate expression profiling raw data analysis, statistics in real-time PCR, data management, multiway expression profiling, multiple regression analysis,  3D data visualization, ........

The scientific organization is managed by international well-known scientists in the field of real-time PCR:

Scientific board:

Stephen Bustin
Prof. of Molecular Science QM, School of Medicine, London, UK
Mikael Kubista
Prof. of Biotechnology, TATAA Biocenter, Sweden
Jo Vandesompele Prof. at the Center of Medical Genetics, University of Ghent, Belgium
Heinrich H.D. Meyer
Prof. of Physiology, Weihenstephan, Germany
Michael W. Pfaffl
Reader in Physiology, Weihenstephan, Germany,
scientific coordinator of the Symposium and the Application Workshops  qPCR2009@wzw.tum.de

Event organization:
Dr. Martina Reiter  BioEPS GmbH Freising    Martina.Reiter@BioEPS.com

I am looking forward meeting you in March 2009 at the Symposium in Freising-Weihenstephan.
Michael Pfaffl
Symposium Chair

qPCR 2009 NEWS  -  qPCR 2009 NEWS  -  qPCR 2009 NEWS

We welcome our international speakers, poster presenters, industry representatives and symposium participants at the qPCR 2009 Event !

Europe USA Sweden France Slovenia Israel India Ireland
Portugal Serbia Montenegro
UK Tunesia Austria Belgium Switzerland China Czech Republic Denmark Poland Japan
Finland Estonia Spain Germany Iran Italy Korea Irak
Russia Saudi Arabia
Norway Honduras
Nigeria Albania Lybia
Philippines Netherlands
New Caledonia
New Zealand South Africa

Important dates:

The official conference and workshop language is ENGLISH.  No simultaneous translation will be provided.
All oral presentation, poster and abstracts must be presented in English.

All scientific contributions will be published in the qPCR 2009 Symposium Proceedings     ISBN  9783000268267
The symposium proceedings will including all Abstract, Posters and Oral Presentations. Proceedings will be published as FULL PDF PRESENTATIONS on the symposium web page, as in the previous years qPCR 2004 and qPCR 2005  and qPCR 2007. As wanted by the authors the PDF download of the contributions is password protected and only accessible for Symposium or Application Workshop participants, until autumn 2009.

Abstract submission deadline:
New deadline  =>  20th January 2009   ( abstract submssion is closed ! )

Please register using the Internet based registration and submission platform:  ConfTool

All scientific contributions will be published in the qPCR 2009 Symposium Proceedings ISBN  9783000268267

  • Register as ConfTool User  =>  NEW USER =>  Create new account
  • Register as PARTICIPANT =>  for the symposium and/or workshops
  • Submit Contribution  =>  submit your TALK and/or POSTER  abstract(s)

Registration: Internet based registration platform  =>  http://registration.qPCR2009.net

Registration Fees

Abstract submission: Internet based ABSTRACT submission platform  =>  http://submission.qPCR2009.net
Please indicate in which Session you want to present either a POSTER or give an TALK Presentation via MS PowerPoint.

  • Until autumn 2009 the PDF download of the contributions is password protected and only accessible for Symposium and Workshop participants.
  • The abstract should be a one-page document based on unpublished material and written in good standard English. The text should clearly state objectives, methodology, results, and conclusion. Simple tables and graphs are allowed.
  • Poster will be DIN A0 (portrait format :120 cm/48 inch high x 90 cm/35 inch wide)
  • Presentation of every communication at the Conference is subjected to formal registration of at least one co-author.
  • All scientific contributions will be published in the qPCR 2009 Symposium Proceedings  ISBN  9783000268267

qPCR Industrial Exhibition

An industrial exhibition will be held during the qPCR Symposium from 9 - 11th March in the foyer of the central lecture hall complex (green frame) and in two side rooms S1 and S2 (blue frame).  According to the booth location we have 31 booth in different prize categories. They are all grouped around the central lecture halls H14 and H15 and fits up to 650 people =>  Link to the Industrial Exhibition

The exhibition is fully booked !
If you want to advertise at the event we can recommend a sponsoring =>

To book a booth and for further details about the industrial exhibition, e.g. exhibition contract, technical management, stand allocation, electronic installations, internet connection (W-LAN), etc. we are pleased to answer your questions. Please contact Martina Reiter  BioEPS GmbH Freising Martina.Reiter@bioEPS.com

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