qPCR 2009  Talk and Poster sessions

Main topic:      Diagnostics  &  Molecular Markers            
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Markers in diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic, markers on DNA, RNA, microRNA, protein, and metabolite level, disease markers, tissue specific markers, cancer markers, stem-cells markers, differentiation markers, methylation markers, diagnostic quantification methods, epigenetics, SNP analysis, HRM = high resolution melt applications, …..

Main topic:      Diagnostics & Molecular Markers in agricultural and veterinary Science
Diagnostics & Molecular Markers in White-, Green-, Blue-, and Brown- Biotechnology and in agricultural and veterinary Science.  Marker genes on diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic markers on on DNA, RNA, microRNA, pProtein, and metabolite level, in animals and plants, … …

"25th Anniversary of PCR”   Session held by Nobel Prize Laureate Kary Mullis   sponsored by  

Single-cell qPCR               
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single-cell sampling, pre-amplification techniques, laser micro dissection, sub-cellular PCR, micro-manipulation of cell clusters, cellular micro injection, FACS spotting, single cell handling, ……

RNAi - microRNA - siRNA Applications               sponsored by    

RNAi mechanism, microRNA extraction, qRT-PCR technologies to detect microRNA, siRNA applications in combination with qRT-PCR, microRNA targets and microRNA precursors, new siRNA manipulation and microRNA technologies, .....

High throughput quantitative PCR                     
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384 well applications, new high throughput platforms, qPCR robotics, digital PCR, SNP application, gene expression real-time RT-PCR arrays (mRNA and microRNA), quantitative multiplexing, …..

qPCR NOS Session  -  Normalization & Optimization & Standardization  
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new types of normalization, one vs. multiple reference genes, genomic DNA as standard, external standards, optimization of the real-time PCR, inhibition of negative effects, optimization of real-time PCR efficiency, qPCR robotics, multiplexing, establishment of DNA / RNA standards, inter-run standards, national and international studies on qPCR standardization, new quantification strategies, ........

qPCR BioStatistics & BioInformatics

software applications, data mining, calculation of relative expression, primer and probe design on mRNA and microRNA level, real-time PCR efficiency determination, mathematical modelling, Multivariate expression profiling raw data analysis, statistics in real-time PCR, data management, multiway expression profiling, multiple regression analysis,  3D data visualization, ........

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