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qPCR 2011  - 
Talk and Poster sessions

Main topic:      Molecular diagnostics in single-cells

Single-cell sampling, circulating tumor cells (CTS), pre-amplification techniques, laser micro dissection, sub-cellular PCR, micro-manipulation of cell clusters, cellular micro injection, FACS spotting, single-cell handling, …
Markers in diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic, markers on DNA, RNA, microRNA level, disease markers, tissue specific markers, cancer markers, stem-cells markers, differentiation markers, methylation markers diagnostic quantification methods, epigenetics, SNP analysis, high resolution melt (HRM) applications, ...

Main topic:      High throughput analysis in qPCR  &  NGS  (Next Generation Sequencing)
Next generation Sequencing (NGS); high throughput and gene expression profiling platforms, 384 – 1536 well applications and more, NGS application on DNA, mRNA and microRNA level, comparison of NGS with conventional high throughput qPCR, qPCR robotics; high throughput SNP application, real-time RT-PCR arrays (mRNA and microRNA), quantitative multiplexing …

MIQE and QM strategies in qPCR
The MIQE guidelines: minimum information for publication of quantitative real-time PCR experiments. Following these guidelines will encourage better experimental practice, allowing more reliable and unequivocal interpretation of qPCR results. QM strategies in real-time PCR to guarantee better and more valid results...

small RNAs qPCR - microRNA and siRNA Applications
RNAi mechanism, microRNA extraction, qRT-PCR technologies to detect microRNA, siRNA applications in combination with qRT-PCR, microRNA targets and microRNA precursors, new siRNA manipulation and microRNA technologies, .....

Digital PCR  &  Nano-fluidics
Digital PCR (dPCR) can be used to directly quantify and clonally amplify nucleic acids including DNA, cDNA, mRNA or microRNA. It allows a more reliable collection and sensitive measurement of nucleic acid amounts, applications in copy number variants, point mutations, and molecular diagnostics; …

Pre-analytical Steps
Pre-amplification, sampling technologies, DNA / RNA purification, extraction efficiency, DNA / mRNA / microRNA quality control, Reverse Transcription, RT quality control, external references, ...

qPCR BioStatistics & BioInformatics
Software applications, data mining, calculation of relative expression, primer and probe design on mRNA and microRNA level, real-time PCR efficiency determination, mathematical modelling, multivariate expression profiling raw data analysis, statistics in real-time PCR, data management, multi-way expression profiling, multiple regression analysis, 3D data visualization.......
  • qBASE - data analysis lunch seminar
  • GENEX - data analysis lunch seminar
  • MIQE - state of the art & open discussion
  • RDML - state of the art & open discussion

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